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Spring Break Schedule & Activities March 12, 2019- 2019 Spring Break Schedule: (see it on our calendar here) Regular classes are Suspended For Spring Break from Thursday April 18 - Friday April 26, 2019. Here is a list of activities going on over break: Spring Mini Camp Register Here Monday April 22 - Friday April 26, 2019: 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM Cartwheel Workshop Register Here … Read More
Winter Break 2019 February 4, 2019- 2019 Winter Break Schedule: (see it on our calendar here) Regular classes are Suspended For Winter Break from Saturday February 16, 2018 - Friday February 22, 2019. We will resume our normal schedule on Saturday February 23, 2019. Here is a list of activities going on over break: Winter Mini Camp Register Here Monday February 18… Read More
Holiday Break: Christmas 2018 & New Years 2019 December 3, 2018- Holiday Schedule 2018-19: (see it on our calendar here) Regular classes are Suspended For Holiday Break from Monday December 24, 2018 - Wednesday January 2, 2018. We will resume our normal schedule on Thursday January 3, 2019. Here is a list of activities going on over break: Holiday Mini Camp Register Here Monday December 24 -… Read More


Our daughter LOVED gymnastics — she was just talking about how she misses it the other day. We’d happily send her back there! We do hope to be able to send her back to Prospect Gymnastics over the summer.
I really commend you guys for dealing so well with her. As you know she’s a great kid, but she has some challenges that can make her hard to work with sometimes. You and your staff have always been above and beyond wonderful and willing to work with her, and I am so grateful. I always recommend you all very highly to anyone who asks.

– Anonymous

    My twin three year olds participated in the preschool movement program and it has been great for them! I love that it’s a drop-off class because it has challenged my shy kids to learn to trust other adults outside of the family and Coach Andrew has been like a “child whisperer” for them. Even my daughter –  who takes a long time to warm up to new people – is laughing happily when I come to pick them up. I have also noticed increased skills and confidence in their bodies. They have impressed older children on the playground with their abilities on hanging bars and rings. In short, I am very happy with having participated in this class and highly recommend it.

    – Suzannah

    We had a great time at our daughter’s 7th birthday party at Prospect Gymnastics. Everyone had tumbling fun. Luckily, the weather was nice enough to have birthday cake outside in the backyard of the gym. The staff was friendly, helpful and all are terrific gymnasts. We love Prospect Gymnastics!

    – Kim Greenland

    I have nothing but positive things to say about prospect gymnastics. Brynn has taken three classes there, the first two with the parent staying in the class. She was very shy at first and didn’t always do everything, but coach Mina never forced her to do something she wasn’t comfortable with. She grew to love gymnastics and started seeing different things her body was capable of. At home she would try somersaults and hanging on things. (Her typical behavior is to sit calmly with a book, so this was really pushing her to try other things).
    Then she took a drop off gymnastics class. This was the first time ever that we dropped her off somewhere. Although she was terrified, she felt comfortable with Ms Mina and stuck with it. She was so proud of the things she could do and wants to take another class. I honestly can’t think of any complaints about the class (other than a desire for you to have more space! But it’s NYC…)

    – Jen, mom to Brynn

    We absolutely loved Prospect Gymnastics! It was a terrific first experience for us, especially Maura. However, we have moved out of state and therefore will not be re-enrolling Maura. But the coaches and classes at PG helped give Maura focus and confidence, and given the choice now of extracurricular, she still wants to do gymnastics!

    – Maegan, mom to Maura

    We had a 3rd birthday party for our son at Prospect Gymnastics and it was just perfect! He has not stopped talking about! Mina made the booking very simple as well as the day of the party. The kids had a fabulous time playing in the gym. One  instructor was there to supervise and help kids with the equipment. The space is a perfect place to celebrate a birthday!

    – Anna, mom to Henrik

    My shy three-year-old son loves the Preschool Movement class at Prospect Gymnastics! I was concerned that he would balk at being dropped off with a teacher he didn’t know well, but Andrew must be a child-whisperer, because my son barely noticed when I left. In addition to talking about Andrew all week long, my son has gained a physical confidence he didn’t have before—tumbling and balancing with more grace. Andrew and his assistants are also very good about gently, but firmly, reinforcing the rules of the room, so my son’s listening skills have improved, as well. All in all, we’ve been very happy with the class.

    – Gia Accardi

    My daughter’s seventh birthday party at Prospect Gymnastics was a blast! Mina was great at helping me organize something that she loved, with personal touches so that we all felt involved. The wonderful teachers led the kids through some great activities, opened it up for free play, and then helped with a craft activity and cake time. Everyone had a great time, the kids got to challenge themselves and get some fun exercise, and the whole thing was stress free. Two big thumbs up for our birthday party at Prospect Gymnastics!!

    – Christine Leahy, mom to Siobhan

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