Fall Open House!

Prospect Gymnastics Fall Open House!

Date: Saturday August 29th

Time: 9 AM – 5 PM

Location: Backyard of Prospect Gymnastics @ 1023 Church Avenue

Description: Come join us for some end summer fun and have the opportunity to meet our staff and learn about our program. We will have arts-n-crafts, face painting, ice cream and slack-line set up in the backyard. Toddlers 5 and under ONLY can play in the indoor gym area as well.

2015-16 Class Enrollment Begins

This year, there are two options for enrolling in Prospect Gymnastics classes: semester and annual enrollment. This post will help you understand the difference between the two options!

Which one should I choose and what are the differences between the two programs?
There are two options for enrolling in Prospect Gymnastics classes: semester or annual enrollment.

The fall semester will span 16 weeks during which our students will work through a curriculum that includes a set of skills on floor, bar and balance beam (or p-bars for boys).

The spring semester will also span 16 weeks and will have a curriculum that will work on variations and perfecting the skills learnt in the fall semester.

The annual enrollment will span 35 weeks. The students in the annual program will be learning alongside our fall and spring semester students in the same class. They will go through the fall curriculum the first 16 weeks (which will focus on learning skills), then they will go through the spring semester for the next 16 weeks (working on perfecting and advancing those same skills.) The last three weeks of the gymnastics program will be dedicated towards preparing for our show. During those weeks, our annual students they will work on combining the skills they worked on all year into a performance for the end of the year parent show.

Why did we make this change to the program?
Last year, we had our end year show at the end of the spring semester and included all our students, including the ones that only joined in the spring semester. We discovered that 16 weeks was just not enough time to teach skills, perfect them and combine those skills into a show. At the same time, we realized that the best way to develop our students into strong well rounded gymnasts was to advance through the curriculum meticulously. By learning drills and variations on each skill, our athletes have the opportunity to learn muscle memory as well as greater body and spatial awareness. We also learnt that although the almost all of our students were super excited to perform, there were some children who felt pressured and worried to perform. In order to accommodate all of our gymnasts, we chose to give more options to our parents. Students that are more serious about gymnastics and want to truly develop their skills can join the annual program. Students that are less serious and want to just learn the basic mechanics of the skills can join for just one semester. Students that are serious about the program but hesitant to do the routine demonstration can sign up for both semesters.

What class should I choose for my child?
If you are interested in gymnastics as a short term activity for your child and/or if your child prefers not to perform, the fall class will probably be your best option. If your child loves gymnastics and will be excited to perform, the annual class will probably be your best option.

What if I sign up for the fall semester and then realize my child want to join the annual program?
Students that enroll for the fall semester will have the option to continue with the annual program if they choose to do so. Please let us know as soon as possible if you want to switch over.

A few notes:
The annual and semester programs break down into almost the same price per class, but there’s a slight discount to the annual program.
Annual program students will receive a free Prospect Gymnastics t-shirt when they start the program and a Prospect Gymnastics medal at their performance.
Intermediate classes are annual only, and Rec Team is a minimum six months commitment.
Annual and Rec Team students DO NOT have to pay the yearly registration fee.
There will be several workshops over the year that will be limited to annual students only.