Our Story

In the winter of 2014, Prospect Gymnastics began with just one coach and a few students in the back of a music studio. We opened our own gymnastics facility at 1023 Church Avenue that summer offering gymnastics classes, birthday parties, team gymnastics, camp and toddler open play. Prospect Gymnastics quickly evolved into a collaborative community where we do our best to serve our neighborhoods and promote healthy minds and bodies. Our motto is “Build Skills, Gain Confidence, Have Fun.” This reflects our belief that every time we raise an individual child up, we are building a stronger better connected community.

What makes us special?
Our curriculum is un-matched. We provide step by step drills that aid children in physically recognizing and remembering skills even in adult hood. Have you ever wondered why you never had to re-learn how to ride a bike? Muscle memory. Here at Prospect Gymnastics we work hard on connecting the dots and creating long lasting results.
Above everything, our facility is clean, we have wonderful trained staff, love kids and make a difference every day.

Why Gymnastics?
Gymnastics is a great sport to engage children of all strengths and weaknesses.  All the different apparatus not only focus on strength, agility, flexibility, and coordination but also create an environment where children can shine in any one of those apparatuses. There is a place for all types of children. Gymnastics is also a multidimensional sport encompassing so many skills, levels, and movements; keeping our children happy and physically fit.

Our Team
Our coaches are carefully selected and trained. Here at Prospect Gymnastics, our coaches go through extensive training of positive reinforcement techniques and methods to create a positive and healthy environment for children to learn and enjoy the sport even when it becomes challenging. Our Gymnastics Coaches are USA Gymnastics Certified, Sports Safety Certified, CPR/ First Aid certified, and background checked.

We Believe
Building Skills: Gaining an early movement foundation helps children apply gymnastics methods outside of the gym into life situations where they can prevent an injury, whether it is on the play ground or in other sports.
Gain Confidence: Accomplishing skills through hard work and taking risks will foster a “can do” attitude in children.
• Have fun: Learning how to enjoy physical fitness, especially at a young age, will promote a healthy life style in the future.