Gym Policies & Guidelines

It is our goal to provide the safest environment possible for all of our children, as well as one that is optimal for their learning.  The following policies are in place to help ensure that we achieve that goal each and every day at Prospect Gymnastics.

General Gym Rules / Open Play Guidelines:

  • Only 1 grown up per child
  • Guardian must actively participate and supervise their child at all times
  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS on the gym floor. If your child needs a snack please feed them in the back tile area
  • Please enter through backyard entrance ONLY (black gate on Stratford Road) for open play

Gymnastics Class Guidelines:

  • Safety first – never endanger yourself or others. Always keep hands to yourself
  • Always wait inside the building for an adult to pick you up
  • Bare feet or gymnastics shoes only in the gym area
  • Long hair must be worn in a ponytail
  • Please dress in athletic gear: Tight fitted shirts only
  • No jewelry of any kind or clothing with zippers during class
  • No running in the gym except when directed by a coach
  • No food, chewing gum or drinks allowed on the gym floor
  • No gymnastics while waiting for class to start
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Please enter through backyard entrance on Stratford Road
  • Children must be toilet-trained for all classes except Parent & Tot

Parent & Tot Class Guidelines:

  • Only 1 grown up per child please
  • Guardian must actively participate and supervise their child at all times
  • Both child and guardian must dress according to the guidelines above (athletic clothing, no jewelry or zippers, long hair pulled back)

Make-Up Policy:

Maintaining regular class attendance will provide optimal training for your child as well as continuity within the group; however, we understand that there are times when your child will be absent.  Make-up lessons must be scheduled and confirmed by emailing  Please email at least 24 hours in advance.