Gymnastics Party


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Gymnastics party includes a 2 hour space rental, paper goods set-up and two supervising instructor for up to 12 children. Parents bring cupcakes / cake and drinks.

Please note the two hour space rental includes setup and cleanup. There is 1.5 hours for the party and fifteen minutes before guests arrive is designated for setup and fifteen minutes after guests leave is designated for cleanup. Party guests are at Prospect Gymnastics for 1.5 hours. Play time is for the first 70 minutes and the last 20 minutes we finish with cake and drinks. Party parents are welcome to stay for the full two hours and bring their own decorations or let us take care of the setup and clean up for you!

Gymnastics activity schedule is as follows: 5 minute warm-up followed by 30 minutes of supervised gymnastics, 25 minutes of playtime, 10 minutes for a closing game and we finish with cake & drinks. If you’d like to alter the activity schedule or add an arts-n-crafts please contact us with your specific requests.

Please email Malka or call 718-484-0911 to confirm details.

If you plan on having 8 or less children, please contact us for a revised price. During the winter, 12 children is the maximum for a birthday party. During spring & summer, weather permitting, a maximum of 18 children is possible for an additional fee.

*Party deposit is non-refundable.