Our Team


Mina Marsow: Director & Gymnastics Instructor
Mina Marsow is a Brooklyn native and entrepreneur that is passionate about education, wellness and community. She founded Prospect Gymnastics in pursuit of developing confident bodies and minds through fun and focused sports training. Mina has a background in coaching and directing gymnastics programs throughout NYC. Mina spent 5 years working with hearing impaired children. She also worked as an HR Manager for the Department of Education, hiring and training 400+ preschool teachers across the 5 boroughs. If you can’t find Mina at the gym or around the neighborhood, she is probably flying trapeze at TSNY, gardening, baking or playing some tunes on her flute. Her Mantra: “A strong and well connected you makes a stronger better connected us, let’s build us together.”

Breana Edmund: Gymnastics Instructor & Facility Manager
My name is Breana Edmund. I graduated as a Dance Major from Professional Performing Arts High School and am currently studying Video Arts & Technology at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC). I trained in dance at the Brooklyn Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Purelements, First to Fifth, and Broadway Dance Center in ballet, modern, west African, jazz and hip-hop dance. I’ve worked as a professional dancer for the Gotham City Cheerleaders (GCC).  Which brings me to my next passion: cheerleading. I was an All-Star competitive cheerleader for over 10 years and am currently head cheerleading coach at BMCC. Apart from being a sports coach and a performer, I enjoy film making. I recently competed in the BMCC Student Film Festival, held in the Tribeca Performing Arts Center.

Brian Rodriquez: Gymnastics Instructor
My name is Brian, and I am a certified USA Gymnastics Instructor and certified by AHA First Aid CPR AED.  My professional experience includes high school competitive gymnastics, high school gymnastics team coach, and experience coaching all ages at gyms throughout NYC. I also coach and perform break dance and parkour. My favorite hobby is parkour and free-running. I love that it is an extreme sport and it led me to try new types of movement like gymnastics and breakdancing and that’s how I got to where I am today.

Malka Cohen: Administrator & Gymnastics Instructor

My name is Malka, and I am a certified USA Gymnastics instructor. My passions include anything that involves movement of the body, so when I am not coaching at Prospect Gymnastics you can probably find me at dance class or weightlifting at the gym.
I am proof that if you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. As a kid, I taught myself gymnastics, and now I coach gymnastics for a living – and I love it. I hope to teach my students how to move as well as to love, care for and respect their bodies. I hope to instill in my students the confidence they need in order to succeed in life.

Abisay Mejia: Assistant Gymnastics Instructor
Hello, my name is Abisay Mejia. I am currently a senior in high school, and training for my USA gymnastics certification. I love working with kids. I come from a large family and have been surrounded by children my whole life, whether it be taking care of my younger brothers or cousins. I enjoy playing sports. I’m an avid bike rider. I use to train as a goalkeeper for soccer and I also play football, volleyball and baseball. I always like helping out when I can.

Alexander Bolton: Gymnastics Instructor
What’s up, what’s up, what’s up!!! Coach Alex here live from Prospect Gymnastics. Once upon a time, I myself was a little gymnast just like yourself. I remember how much fun it was doing all my favorite tumbling skills. Now, I enjoy teaching them to you! I’ve been a gymnastics instructor for over 9 years and you children are more than just my students and gymnasts, you’re family. To wrap up, I promise us all a wonderful time. Remember always stick your landing, smile, and be as great as you can be!

Samuel Sklar: Intern
Sam starting taking classes at Prospect Gymnastics right when we opened almost 5 years ago. He studied gymnastics with us for 4 years and he is joining us now as a volunteer and intern. He will be helping out with some of our preschool classes as well as events and parties. We are so happy to have you Sam!

Megan Richardson: Intern
Megan joined us this past summer as a summer youth employee through the community organization CAMBA. Megan has been thriving with us and we are training her to be a gymnastics coach! For now, you will see Megan around the gym assisting with class and sometimes substituting. We are looking forward to hopefully having her as an assistant coach pretty soon!

Tajera McPherson: Substitute Gymnastics Instructor
Hi, my name is Tajera McPherson. I have been doing gymnastics for over 12 years and coaching for 4 years. I enjoy coaching competitive and recreational gymnastics. I currently attend Brooklyn College where I study Biology. I hope to pursue a career in Sports Medicine. Gymnastics has made a significant impact on my life and has taught me a lot which I still use today in my adult life.

Jaleiah Lewis: Substitute Gymnastics Instructor
Hi, my name is Jaleiah Lewis. I started cheerleading in 2013 for my High School of Fashion Industries and now I’m an Allstar Cheerleader with Iconic Cheer Elite. I started coaching my sophomore year teaching my teammates back handsprings and training new recruits. I have a passion for tumbling and I work hard to perfect and learn old and new skills. I coached at Prospect Gymnastics for a year. Now that I moved to Pennsylvania for college, I look forward to coming back on my breaks to fill in as a sub!