The Philosophy at Prospect Gymnastics is that building gymnastics skills gives kids important life tools in and out of the gym. We instill confidence in our children by working through overcoming physical fears and building new skills. At Prospect Gymnastics we are dedicated to individualized attention and focused training. We achieve this by having small classes, a structured curriculum, positive reinforcement coaching and top of the line equipment. Our motto is “Build Skills. Gain Confidence. Have Fun.” We believe that children can grow healthy bodies and boost self-esteem all while having a blast.

Building Skills

Engaging children in sports is beneficial for our children’s physical and mental well-being. What makes gymnastics so unique over other forms of exercise is that it provides a wide range of physical training. Gymnastics is all-encompassing: training flexibility, strength, power, balance, coordination, and aerial awareness. It encompasses gross and fine motor skills as well as improving mental and emotional awareness by improving mental focus.

How do we at Prospect Gymnastics do everything we can to build the ability and skill level of our athletes?

  • In all our classes, we work through a structured curriculum of gymnastics movement and skill progressions following USA gymnastics training guidelines.
  • All of our instructors are USA gymnastics certified, sports safety certified as well as First Aid & CPR certified.
  • We have top of the line equipment: The studio at Prospect Gymnastics is designed as a children’s gymnastics play-space. The entire floor is padded with 2 inch foam and there are different fun skill building fitness equipment. There are balance beams for coordination, bars and rings for strength training, and a 15 foot trampoline that is a lot of fun to jump on and is used to learn tumbling skills that are difficult on floor.

Even though myriads of scientific studies reveal that physical activity in children increases brain activity and creativity, we live in an environment where children are kept in their seats for an extended period. In an age when school days are becoming longer, TV increasingly popular, and obesity on the rise, it has become significantly important to take our city kids out of their cooped up homes and apartments and give them the opportunity to be active, as it is crucial for their mental and physical success. At Prospect Gymnastics, our children will increase mental, emotional and physical skills through athletic success.

Increasing Confidence

At Prospect Gymnastics, we build an athletes’ confidence by using positive reinforcement methods. Our coaches are trained to encourage a desired behavior thus improving an athlete’s performance. When we coach students in a positive way they are motivated to try harder on their own. Not only do they build gymnastics skills faster because of self-motivation; they become more motivated and confident individuals. Through gymnastics oriented activities, games and training, that creates real results, we teach our athletes to work hard  and that success is both fun and rewarding.

Having Fun

Most children love gymnastics because it is sport that is fast paced and diverse – between the bars, balance beams, rings and trampoline there is something for every child to enjoy. At Prospect Gymnastics we include one fun element in every lesson plan, whether it’s a friendly handstand competition, a Simple Simon Says gymnastics memory game or hokey pokey on the balance beam. At Prospect Gymnastics we recognize that in order to truly use our athletic training to achieve physical, emotional and mental success, our students need to want to be in class. What better way is there to encourage a child to learn than by having fun?

Safety Training

Lastly, Gymnastics is unique in that it acts as safety training for our children. Gymnastics skills such as rolls and flips train your fast twitch muscles which teach you how to position your body so you don’t get hurt when you fall and improves reflexes. At Prospect Gymnastics, we have a safety goal in every lesson plan. We constantly review with our athletes how their training in the gym can be translated into safety prevention and response when they’re on the playground or in an emergency situation.

Children develop their fundamental movement skills between the ages of 2 and 5. Toddler physical development is a critical period where children can expand and develop their gross and fine motor capacity for the rest of their life. Please read the article below to learn more….

Preschool Gymnastics: Creating Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds

Why put your two year old child in a gymnastics program? Why not wait until they are a little older when their bodies and minds are better developed and equipped to learn these difficult skills?

There are scholastic advantages for toddlers who are physically active. Studies show a direct correlation between physical movement and reading readiness. When children run around and play,  the physical movements stimulate their brain and helps them prepare for studying language. It is crucial that our toddlers get away from the TV screen and start getting active so that they can succeed in school. Gymnastics offers this opportunity and helps toddlers have healthier bodies and minds. It improves toddlers physical development which is a critical period where toddlers learn to expand and increase their movement capacity and range of motion for the rest of their life. At Prospect Gymnastics, we start our program at 18 months because children develop their fundamental movement skills between the ages of 2 and 5 and they can benefit from an early start.

According to the CDC, childhood obesity has doubled in the past 30 years. In 2012, more than one third of children were overweight or obese. One of the main reasons is the decline in children’s physical fitness. On average, children ages two to five spend about 25 ½ hours a week watching television! Especially considering that children who are not exposed to physical activity during early school years have a hard time becoming physically active as adults. It is crucial to engage our children in physical fitness at a young age so they can grow up to be healthy adults. At Prospect Gymnastics we can change that statistic!